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NEW REVIEW from: Tim van Velthuysen

Review: Icarius/Drive By Suicide/Malignity/Lycaon - Army Of Metal Compilation

Army Of Metal was an metal evening on March 5th, 2016 in StudioGonz, Gouda. DutchMetalManiac’s Nino Milillo already wrote a live review about it here .

Now, there is a compilation released with four bands who played that night. Let’s give it a spin!
Third track is called “Darkness Of Hell” by Malignity. Malignity’s music is metal, but not really fitting into one specific subgenre. In fact, they have a lot of styles in their influences. That’s something you can hear in “Darkness Of Hell”, which is starting with some building up in a melodic style. Soon it’s getting heavier, it has groove in it as well as melodic tunes. Vocally you’ll hear deep, intense grunts. This is some heavy stuff with a lot of energy in it, very awesome!

Written by Tim van Velthuysen
Link review:

My personal favorit metal is symphonic black metal.

Bands like:

Dimmu borgir
Carach angren
AND more!!

You can find me on Facebook my name there is
Lexie Doomhammer Schuilenburg

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